Common Excuses that people use to not try Pole Dance Class

I’ve been a Pole Dance instructor since 2013. I’ve heard so many excuses from students about why they hadn’t signed up to classes earlier.

Hell, I used all of those excuses myself. I wanted to sign up to a Pole Dance Class when I was 18 but I didn’t actually go to one until I was 23.

So I’ll tell you the most common reasons I hear that people put off starting pole dancing classes, and tell you why you should just bite the bullet and do it!

“I don’t have anyone to go with.”

This is the one I hear the most often. This is the excuse that I used as well. I’m a fairly shy person with a mild case of social anxiety. I just didn’t want to go to a Pole Dance class alone. You don’t think about it at the time, but everyone in the class is in the same position as you are. They are all felling self-conscious, they’re all new to this as well. A pole dance studio is usually one of the friendliest places you will go. The instructor knows how daunting the first class is and will try to make it as comfortable as they possibly can. Most people start by themselves and find that it’s a great place to meet friends.

But If you really do not want to face a class alone, book a private lesson for yourself or even with a friend or two, you can usually have up to 3 people in a private class (this varies) but this way you can take that anxiety out of the equation and relax a bit more.

“I’m too overweight/ I need to lose weight first/ I need to get strong before I start”

Everybody feels this way. But you also don’t get fitter by doing nothing. If you don’t like the shape of your body, the only person that can change it is you. You’ll be surprised at how much your overall health, and also mental health improves when you start pole dance. If you don’t have the upper body or core strength when you start, that’s fine! There are plenty of moves and spins to learn while you are building strength. The best part about pole dance is that every move you learn, or even just attempt, you are still working muscles without really thinking about exercising.

Start where you are, no matter what fitness level, commit, and in a few weeks, you will be glad you did it.

“I don’t like feeling stupid. “

Absolutely everyone feels the same way when starting something new. When you stop learning, you stop growing as a person. Its not a bad thing to put yourself out of your comfort zone every so often. If you don’t have any dance or gymnastics background (like myself) you will probably feel even more out of your depth, which is not a great feeling. Though not having a dance background is not a problem in a Beginner class. The steps will be basic and easy to follow – the key to learning how to dance is to try. And to repeat. And repeat. And repeat. Movement feels unnatural to me, but practice makes it feel easier. Co-ordination can be learnt.

If you are looking at signing up to a Beginner Pole Dance class, everyone in the class will be in the same boat as you. No one else has done this before, otherwise they would be in a different class. Everyone is too worried about themselves to be looking at you. Once you figure that out, trying new things won’t be so bad. Every Pro was once an amateur, every expert was once a beginner. So, dream big, and start now. If you really don’t want to try something new infront of other people, you can book a private lesson to get you started.

“I have a previous injury”

Yes, this can be a legitimate reason – but in most cases this can be helped. Always speak to a doctor to approve a workout regime before you start and if they give you the all clear – speak to your local instructor if you’re still uncertain. Keep your instructor informed if you feel pain during class, as an injury may affect your ability to do certain moves. In a lot of cases, your instructor can give you an alternative. Generally, Pole improves joints, mobility and range of motion, and also increase flexibility, muscle tone and upper body and core strength.

Don’t spend anymore time putting it off, thinking that one day you’ll be good enough to Pole Dance. You are already good enough!

You deserve to do something for yourself.

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