Loosing your Pole Mojo

There comes a time in every pole dancers life when they hit a plateaux. Some days you’re feeling like a superstar and there are other days where nothing works at all. Even putting on your pole shorts feels like a task.

It happens. Life happens.

It might be a forced plateau, like an injury for example putting you out of action – or a just be a time in your life when you are unable to pole as much as you would normally like. Or then there is a progress plateaux when you don’t feel like you are progressing as much as you would like to or as fast as you want and you’re getting discouraged.

This is completely normal. We all have them.

hen I’m in a pole dance funk, these tricks help me to push past it.

Warm up properly. Put on a fun song and jump around, shake, shimmy and get yourself moving and warm. It doesn’t have to be a structured warm up, just have some fun.

The first move is always the hardest to do. I always do something easy, a few spins to get the juices flowing. Make sure you do things on both sides though, even if it’s a simple spin. Choose some moves that you love and that you find easy to do, as it will encourage you to do more.

Mix easy moves with hard moves. There is nothing more soul destroying than attempting a trick and not getting it all session. Its super discouraging and tiring. When I’m learning something new, I always mix up the training session with stuff that I can do and then some attempts at something I’m training towards. Its important to keep working towards those dream moves, but its also good for you to have some wins in your training session, even if they are small ones.

Work on combining moves. List a whole bunch of moves that you can do, then pick a few and see if you can make up some interesting combos using moving between them. Who knows, you might come up with something that you love!

Listen to great music! Listening to music that puts you in a good move always helps keep me motivated at training. My go-tos are 90’s dance music.

Focus on something other than tricks. Whether it be having a stretch session, or active recovery (foam rolling or pressure point release) some freestyling or trying out some new floorwork. Or if all else fails, focus on strength training instead, building strength is always a good idea for pole dance, especially if it’s a progress plateaux – strength training regularly may help you conquer that move that you’ve been working on.

Try something new. Look up dance schools in your area, give another dance style a go. Or explore your body movement in a class. Learn how to do a Handstand. Being a student is a great way to take a step back and observe and gain some new skills.

Book a private lesson to get you on track, ask for a training plan or a new combo or try a different class to the ones your normally do at your Pole Studio.

Even if you do just one thing, it will make you a better poler for next time. But don’t forget that even if you have a bad day or need to take a rest day, it doesn’t make you lazy or a bad poler. We all have our off days.

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