Why you SHOULD take up Pole Dance as a Hobby

“I’ve always wanted to try pole dancing, I’ve been thinking about it for ages!”

Does this sound like you? You’ve wanted to try Pole Dancing for a while now, but for whatever reason you’ve put off signing up. If you keep coming back to the idea, you owe it to yourself to at least give it a try. Otherwise, you will end up wondering about it for the rest of your life. It could be that missed opportunity.

Hopefully you build up the courage to at least give it a go… You might not fall in love with the sport but at least you’ll be able to say you tried it and you won’t be wondering about it anymore.

‘Ergh, I hate the gym’

The idea of going to a commercial gym freaks you out? Whether it be the repetitive workouts, the noisy Gym Bros throwing their weight around, of all of the intimidating equipment with hard to follow instructions – sometimes the thought of heading into a gym is daunting. The best thing about pole is that most of the time, you barely know you’re working out. A pole dance class is fun way to get stronger, there is always an instructor around to help you out.

Every time you practice a spin or a trick, you’re working muscles that you probably didn’t know you had. With a combination of strength training, gaining flexibility, learning choreography or learning tricks, there is always something new to learn at any strength or fitness level. Who needs a gym?

‘I want me time’

Life is hectic. I get it, between work, study, maintaining some kind of social life, family time, money and other commitments, we prioritise pretty much everything in front of ourselves. personal time usually slips to the back of the line.

But YOU should be more of a priority. If you are happy, then the other parts of your life will benefit from this as well.

For one hour a week, we are not mums, wives or girlfriends – we are Pole Dancers. For one hour, there are no messy houses, groceries, work, laundry or worries. Just you.

I want to make new Friends

People that take pole dance classes are from all walks of life. There is a real sense of friendship and comradery in the pole dance community and you’ll have an endless supply of positivity and encouragement.

Pole dance classes are a non-judgmental environment with ladies of all shape, sizes, ethnicities and athletic abilities are welcomed with open arms!


Before I started Pole dance I was a shy, awkward girl that didn’t make much of a first impression. I was in a relationship where my boyfriend did not treat me like a queen (though I did not realise I was a queen at the time) Once you start pole classes, you become more aware of your body and what you can achieve if you put your mind to it. You get a sense of confidence that doesn’t come from anywhere else. You get stronger, you get fitter, not just physically, mentally as well.

I’ve seen a lot of girls that join a pole class to help get over a bad relationship, and it helps them remember who they are and the good things they deserve. I’ve also seen a lot of ladies that end up leaving their bad relationships because they end up realising their self-worth.

Anyone Can Do it

The best thing about Pole Dance is that anyone can do it. You don’t have to have strength or flexibility to start. There are plenty of Beginner moves to learn while you are building strength.

Can’t invert? Focus on dancing and flexibility while you are working on your strength.

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